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glock 23 review

I’m not a fan of any specific caliber. A poor grip gives a greater precieved recoil a correct firm grip less! It comes in several calipers. The article’s title is “Why the Glock 23 should be your new carry gun”…. If m is specified in grains and v in feet per second, the following equation can be used, which gives the energy in foot-pound force: v is the velocity of the bullet Self preference comes with experience with each of these firearms. With a 13 round magazine, the gun is only 4.99 inches tall. With its capability to be converted to 9mm and.357 Sig in less than a minute, it has become my number 1 all around handgun. Cheers – it means everything to some and nothing to as many so everybody have a nice day and opinion, ÔÇ£So we have a pistol that hits harder, but kicks harder. Have never purchased a fire arm . I am a retired police officer. A 165 grain projectile traveling at over 1050 fps creates enough energy and momentum for any handgun usable encounter. Seven 00 buckshot pellets vs a bucket full of birdshot will attest to that. My accuracy tripled and my rate of fire doubled almost!!! The 40 really is the best of both worlds though. The polymer frame and steel slide give the … Make mine 9. It is harder for me to handle the Nano 9mm than the G27 in .40. That is my choice. For more information on how these numbers are calculated, please visit the Concealed Carry Factors™ information page. By your logic, those would be acceptable carry weapons. I use two glock22 for home defense and I carry two glick19′ on me all the time . The platform has proven to be reliable and Glock’s pros are winning more than their share of competitions. Love my Glock 23 Gen 4 buy one and you will also, I wish to purchase a fire arm for home protection. It was always described as having penetrating power, as compared to the knock down power of a .45. So which is it? Time and again, it has been proven to work in many types of environments. I also have a Glock 45 but due to the size and weight I prefer the 40. I wish the .40 S&W had a smoother recoil though. Both are 10mm. However, I shoot a G19 better and can re-acquire the sight picture and get follow-on shots off noticeably quicker and with better accuracy. Again – I’m new to this, but I havrnt seen any formulas that don’t square the velocity. As I always say when someone comes up with new math that “proves” the effectiveness of their favorite round. He replied, “Because they don’t make a Colt 46. changed to auto pistols we were told that the FBI reports said that the .45 was the superior pistol cal. Ever since that my 9mm vs 40 debate was over!!! Funny thing is, I shoot a G20 really well – strange how more power in full-power 10mm is easier to me to shoot than the 40 S&W. Ja schon,... aber es wurde doch gepostet, daß KSC 'besser' sei als KJW! Product. Mainly increased the stock size for my large hand, and now is quite comfortable for me! If you’re a cop and you think every department should come up with magic money and equip their people with $2000-$2500 guns, each, as opposed to the $500 Glocks, don’t yell at this guy, write your own article about it! One 357 Sig to center mass is not better than 10 .22LR accurate hits to center mass. As I have done in the past and will likely do in the future when it comes to these blog Glock parties, I’d like to again remind those that are interested in three dimensional thinking that not even NEARLY all of the innovations in the World of Firearms are because of Glock. My 1st take on the barrel is that there were more shots on target, in the black, than with my stock barrel. (9 vs. 45 vs. 40 doesn’t matter to me – accuracy and familiarity make more sense). However, the Glock 23 is made of a customized synthetic material that is stronger than steel! Check the chamber, nobody behind the camera, we have a safe training area. Its not a problem for me. A .45 caliber pistol such as the excellent Glock 21 is a stretch for most hand sizes. The Glock 23 has been a revelation in the community of self-defense and law enforcement agencies. Dumb luck I guess. Good luck! Top 5 Best Night Sights for Glock 23 Reviews. It was the first criticism that came out when Glock released the specifications for their Model 44 .22 LR rimfire pistol in 2019, why only a 10-round magazine? Wednesday FGS : This ain't Hell, but you can see it from here, The Best Glock 23 Night Sights | Sniper Country, Reader Comments of the Week — August 19, 2017,,,, Rifle Hack: Sighting for 100 Yards at a Distance of 25 Yards. I use a G23 mag in a G27 with a grip sleeve. It is a well-balanced and reliable handgun, and it is all Glock. to use a Glock. Johnny that’s cool that you own so many Glocks and CZ’s. My carry gun is a G26. Also, out of the CZ models that you own, which model and caliber is #1 in accuracy? Perfect fit in the hand, decent accuracy, unparalleled reliability, easy to carry. I have thought about buying one for my G20 to increase accuracy, but I felt that since the front sight is not extended, then accuracy improvements would be limited. = "block"; The .40S&W was a necked down 10mm because it was putting more hurt on the good guys than the bad guys. I think they were around $ 180.00. I have thought about going to a 19. A handgun over 35 ounces becomes a burden by the end of the day. Also, it was Newton who “was right”. They all acknowledge the extra recoil, but cling to the G23 because it WORKS. I just try to practice. ); Die Glock 23 ist eine Selbstladepistole im Kaliber .40 S&W.. Es gibt die Glock 23 auch – so wie andere Glockmodelle – als Glock 23C (Compensator). The Glock Model 23 is chambered for the .40 Smith & Wesson cartridge. The sights are adequate for the task at hand, especially with the night sight option. I could quote some physics but the 45 ACP boys long ago changed the argument to one that favors their cartridge and I see that is continued in this article. }, I have a Gen 4 G23 and I bought the 357 barrel and I also bought the 9mm barrel, and a couple of G19 magazines, got a G19 single spring to go with it because with the double spring that comes with the G23 is to stiff to properly eject the spent 9mm brass so if you get the single spring that comes with the Gen3 G19 and run a box of 147 grain or some plus P ammo will break it in and I haven’t had a single problem with it. I could not be happier. I’m sure the local Glock Guru can get his/her hands on the parts needed/required to swap out calibers. We all know it does not matter how big of a bullet you send down range if you don’t hit the target. to .44 mag. Also, the early .40 cal Glocks (along with other maker’s pistols) had occasional problems with blown cases (and sometimes guns) due to insufficient chamber support. Does Glock pay CTD for these infomercials? I have loved the 10-mm since I started shooting it back in the mid 80’s. At the time when my dept. I simply can’t shoot the .40 well. There is only one trigger action to learn. Evidently they have forgotten how badly they campaigned for the .40. Then I shot a glock 30 and was in love all over again. Never looked back! Then I bought a Ghost trigger. nine Congratulations on the decision to purchase a firearm! What is your opinion? Glock, Sig, etc. The Glock 23 is snag-free, fast into action, and simply feels good in the hands. so I enjoy and recommend getting a Glock 23 with a 9mm barrel then you’ve solved the delemna between 40 and 9 you’ve got both then. The key to all hand guns and how the felt recoil is precieved is due to I’m always on target and I feel more confident with every pull of the trigger! If you are using them with the beavertail they have less flip. The most effective weapon will always be the one that you are carrying. Its lightweight polymer frame, ample calibers and sizes make it a go-to choice for anyone wishing to carry a reliable and tested firearm. The Glock 19 9mm is easier to shoot well than the .40 caliber pistol. It makes the parts of this gun rock-hard, and resistant to corrosion, making it almost indestructible even in harsh conditions. I do have a .40 barrel for my G31, though. With defense ammo and superior control you can put more center mass – the only objective – not to say I have a 45acp I cannot hit real well with. The Glock 23 and its larger sibling, the Glock 22, are by far the most popular of the line with today’s law enforcement agencies. 's blog. Sounds like you do something very few shooters actually do- accept the challenge to be all you can be. I say nonsense! Get the 23 and a conversion barrel. They have done 2 trigger jobs for me, and I like that they are dedicated to Glocks. I’m perfectly happy with my Kimber Ultra Carry II in .45 acp.. I polished the friction areas, put a 3lb connector on it, and XS big dot sights. I’m sorry – I’m no math major. They just aren’t, well, they are just, well, plastic. I shoot 4 Glocks: G35/3 in .40, G30/4 in .45, G19/4 in 9mm., G42/4 in .380. I’m always more than a bit skeptical when anyone try’s to tell me that something should be “my next best…” anything. 1 of 23 D11457_phatchfinal. Now you can shoot the cheaper 9 mm ammo. Quote; Go to Page Top; desesperado. I prefer to carry a small 3 1/2 in. when unloaded. The average civilian would be just as well armed with a 22lr than a 45 acp given the fact that the confrontations are overwhelmingly within a 12 foot engagement scenario. Share your experiences with the Glock 23, 19 or your preferred Glock in the comment section. I have owned 4 G23’s (Needless to say, I Love the G23) One of which my Bro. I’ve looked for the new “G23”, but nothing else stands out, they’re either not aesthetically pleasing, or I don’t like how they feel in my hand. My first Glock was a G23 Gen 3 and I still have it. It won’t hurt your bank account so it’s practical to shoot. She will still have the 9! The best you’re gonna get off the shelf will be somewhere around 525fpe+/-, and [that], out of a longer test barrel. They are all effective loads. The first runs of .40 caliber ammunition did not display a high degree of accuracy. I do not know anyone that carries the Glock 23 on their own time and their own dime. Shot a lot of them, but never a 23. 9mm is substantially less expensive, which affords greater opportunities for range time and training for most people “on their own dime”. when you can have three for a couple hundred dollars more? Why be limited to one Cal. The good thing about the 23 is that for a $100 barrel you can have a 9mm if you don’t like it, but not the other way around. Not completely sure if that was me or the gun, but nonetheless. The 40 recoil impulse is different from the 45 and the 9 mm. I own all glocks 27- 26 -22- 23-21 -21sf and 21 -2 series -I have conversion barrels for them all I loved the gun BUT !! Although having confidence in your gun & ammo choices is very important even if based on myths & misinformation. .380 can not reliably do the job for which it would be needed, regardless of whether anyone would voluntarily stand in front of it. Energy is the calculation to use and it is more a function of velocity than bullet weight. If you’re carrying the Glock 23, you can load it with whatever .40 S&W ammo you can get your hands on. The added probability of the slightly extra width of a .45 ACP bullet actually hitting and disabling an attacker’s CNS, when the identical shot with a 9mm wouldn’t, is so small as to be meaningless. 9mm is my champion – cost of ammo, availability of ammo, availability of firearms, controllability in carry situations outside of home protection and you are already familiar so at home works if it works for you, Power factor Is negated if you cannot control a 45acp but the 40 is just a smidge more weight, power but less control. If it was plenty good for professional gun fighters in the wild west, what has happened today to make it so much more dangerous? As far as concealment, the G26 is the best. I would deffinitly be in the market for one. I love my Gen4 Glocks. Local, state, and federal agencies all field them. I use one of the gen 3’s w/night sights as my IWB EDC, wouldn’t have it any other way! Practice, Practice more and certainly practice mg changes and malfunctions. Everyone will have their own opinion on recoil over shot placement but that’s why you practice practice practice. You will save a ton on ammo, and can practice any time, or place. Practically everyone in my circle of friends and associates owns at least one Glock 19. From sun rise to sun set. For those willing to practice and accept lower times between shots, greater recoil, and perhaps slightly less absolute accuracy, the Model 23 offers excellent real-world ballistics. Hitting the targets is effortless with the outstanding point-ability and trigger pull. Momentum is velocity times mass. I’ve shot .40’s before and of course they have more recoil than most 9 mm, but it wasn’t a huge issue. So carry what you want, and TRAIN for it. I prefer the Glock 23 .40 for conceal carry. Most of the gun books are for entertainment, the same reason I read Motor Tend, but there is also good information. I bought a G29 in 10mm & loved it. hate to say that was over 40 yrs ago. And this is more than a blog, these are professional writers with great experience in the field, not simply fans testing real guns. – There is little to no noticeable difference in the wound tracks between premium line law enforcement projectiles from 9mm Luger through the .45 Auto. The widest part of the gun is only 1.18 inches.Sight radius between on the 23 is 6.02 inches. With a 45, not even close. Also use it as my handgun of choice in training. But maybe you’re not a cop, or maybe you’re a cop in a small town. In today’s anti-police society, I feel I can reasonably protect my family with my Glock 23. In fact, they both have the same height but the G48 is slimmer. Review: ProMag Glock 44 Magazine Review Guns In The News 2020-12-25. I’m a 1mm auto fan the Glock 20 is a .45 frame weight of slide large frame Glock makes hot 135 grain JHP equal and surpassing the #1 man stopper of all time the 125 grain JHP. striker-fired .45 ACP. In this application, both shine, and each has scores of devotees. In my reasonably informed assessment, 9mm currently reigns king in terms of cost/performance ratio, at least in pistol calibers. Can you explain more about if the CZ’s are noticably more accurate than the Glocks across the board? Eventually I sent the G23 off to get a grip modification to remove the finger grooves, but still found the sharp recoil to be an issue so I’ve stuck with the G19. I also have the G26. I’ve had my G23 for 20 years and friends with Walters and wheel guns are jealous. Your discussions, feedback and comments are welcome here as long as they are relevant and insightful. Glock 30/ 10mm conversion barrel is a hard to beat combo.The 17″ of flame will terrify anyone one the receiving end Love them full house rounds.Practice, practice practice. BTW If I was a betting man (I am in this case). I’ve practiced with it at the range, firing hundreds of rounds in the process. .Do really like the 40 better than the 9, for me at least. For this particular review, I’d like to focus on the Glock 23 Gen 4; the compact.40 caliber model. The 9mm is a good round dont get me wrong. What am I missing? I’ve owned a lot of handguns in my life. A 45acp seems to lob large projectiles in there when you are talking 50 yards. Sir, What to Consider Before Buying. Particularly since all three are actually terrible man stoppers. I have multiple old range targets taped up throughout my property, and use them to train while moving about the property. I have fired an assortment on calibers from .22 cal. Even my Carry weapon which is an S&W Shield 40. Your 6″ barrel comment has me interested. The larger frame fit my hand better & helped with recoil. Each have their pros and cons, more pros than cons, the difference in power between any of the 3 makes no difference if you do not hit what you shoot at. I now own a 9mm barrel for it (and an Osprey suppressor, BIG GRIN. Any difference is not going to be signification enough to make a difference in the chaos of use. The Glock 23 features the typical Glock double-action-only trigger. It is possible to reach a maximum of 19 rounds with +2 base plates. Required fields are marked *, (function( timeout ) { The larger mag sticks out the grip by an inch but doesn’t affect handling. I recall the stir that the FBI caused some years ago when they approved Glocks for carry by special agents. If you are getting more than that, let me know from where, and which gun you’re getting it with, and I’ll quit reloading for that level. Improving perfection is hard but these modifications makes the .40 much easier and faster shooter for me. After testing the same brands of gun in 9mm and .40SW, the extra flip and recoil from the .40SW that kept me from getting back on target for follow-up shots vis-a-vis the 9mm also meant that there were more flyers in the batches of .40SW. The Glock 23 is a reliable pistol for any type of weather. So, with the power issue being generally a matter of preference, all other factors must be the determination. Just my OPINION based on what I have done/seen. When I carry I want a gun which will give me enough firepower if needed, is light enougth it doesnt feel like your a carrying a brick on your waist and a weapon that doesn’t “print” on your clothing as you carry concealed. One other factor in my decision was the ability to easily change out the barrel to also shoot 9mm, and 357 SIG in a couple minutes for a couple hundred dollars more, So I can practice with slightly cheaper 9mm ammo, or if SHF I have three choices of ammo that can be used , if one type ammo is in limited supply. Thanks Chris, but I called Lone Wolf and they don’t have any. So thanks for the info! I’ve been shooting a 3rd gen. 23 since its conception. I wouldn’t have it any other way. It should also be very comfortable. I absolutely HATED Glocks. As a loader for 30+ years, I make sure my 10-mm ammo replicates some of the ballistics you would see in some 41 mag ammo. I was issued a Glock 19 in 1989. I now install Stainless Recoil Springs in all my pistols. Larger bullets (with more weight/mass) carry their energy a wee bit longer, and in many cases they penetrate deeper. I also hunt a lot, and have seen the 44 Magnum (loaded very hot) NOT put down a hog when shot in the heart at less than 15 yards. Good shooting You’re welcome to believe (and carry) whatever you want. We took the 23 to the range on Otherwise, like I said originally, it’s an infomercial. I would chose the 23 for (if I had to but 34 is much more accurate) USPSA given the power factor advantage – once you cannot control the 40 at speed then you have to back down to the 9mm and below power factor scoring. In 45 acp the model 30SF and in 9 mm the model 43. What about the calculation of momentum? It functions like a dry fire “Snap Cap” that fits in your barrel just like a round, when you pull the trigger the laser comes on for 1/100 of a second and lets you know if you hit your target. A steel guide rod which tames much of the muzzle flip assisting with follow up shots. Your reply is short, simple, and yet so much more realistic than all the 9mm love and all these FBI reports. When you read the headline and then the little blurb from the email – it just doesn’t make sense. I love my Glock 23. I had the G19 and traded to the G23. Knock down power has been disproven. Other than the barrel and opening on the slide, they are identical from what I can tell. Will we ever learn? 8 of 23 D15815_phatchfinal. Snappier. So, the G22’s and G23’s are being swapped out for 4th Gen G19’s. I did add Tru-Glo day & night sights a few years ago. Lone Wolf co. Used to make a 6″ barrel as well. IMHO; even if you didn’t know anything about firearms ballistics, just lining up the 3 caliber cartridges along side each other, to say the 9mm “equals” the .40 cal and .45 ACP is foolish. I use and like Glocks. I carved out the 9 and x-ring with 200 rounds at 45ft, along with with a few fliers that were my fault. All that aside, New ammo development, has increased the effectiveness of all handgun rounds. Again, it really doesn’t matter what caliber you carry, as long as you carry something – and you can reliably and accurately hit your target. However, it is a good tip for other to consider in case they are having an issue. Lies mal die Beschreibung der KJW Glock 23 von denen durch. So do Springfield, Sig, Baretta, Browning,DE, Ruger, HK and others. It’s a training division report not available directly on the FBI website, but many other sites have seen copies and published the content. I had the idea for this story and presented it to the editor because of the current move in law enforcement – by all reports- of a move away from the .40 to the 9mm. I suppose practice pays off. I been carrying the G23 for the at least 5 years now. I think it’s up to the individual shooter and what he or she shoots well. Were the would cavities from .40’s that much better than 9’s? However, given that the adoption of the 40 S&W cartridge was driven in no small part by FBI ballistics research after the Miami shootout, it’s worth discussing the most recent FBI research in light of modern hollow-point ammunition. After years of shooting this way I finally broke down and bought a G17 and noticed that the ejector was shaped differently. Target acquisition is easier than expected. I have really enjoyed it. And don’t forgrt you can always convert down to 9mm for plinking and the .357 Sig for long range fun if you reload. I had a guy in the lane next to me the other day with a Glock 17. Good article; I use a G23 mag in a G27 with the mag sleve. As far as these comments about advanced breakthroughs in hollow point technology helping the 9mm, well I use Hornady XTP’s in my 180 grain and 200 grain 10mm bullets, so all those breakthroughs will help me too, because I’m assuming Hornady XTP is on the cutting edge. It’s good to hear you love yours and it is functioning perfectly. When I was a correctional officer on the PERT team and a armed nuclear security officer we trained to shoot center mass nevertheless targeting the triangle(eye sockets down to the nasal cavity) the 9mm will get the job done. RKC I totally agree with you!! I would dare to say that anyone that takes a 40 S&W the chest is going down anyway so I think it all comes down to what you’re comfortable with and how will you shoot that individual firearm.. Tried a Glock 23 GEN four and instantly fell in love. If you want to see a significant improvement in you accuracy, use a LASERLYTE trainer cartridge to practice between trips to the range. I thought it was mass x velocity SQUARED devide by 2 or the constant. var notice = document.getElementById("cptch_time_limit_notice_43"); Really? I have had my first (I have 3) Glock 23 since 1999 and just recently rebuilt it (new springs etc)… not because of any problems, but because it is my carry pistol and I had a solid 7,000 rounds through it at the range. Not only do you get more capacity, but better accuracy, more controllability, and a less steep learning curve. What is your recommendation on the better method to conceal carry and what holster do you recommend? m is the mass of the bullet. Had to turn in my life!!!!!!!!. Pump up to about 32 ounces loaded aber es wurde doch gepostet, daß KSC 'besser ' sei KJW! Same height but the G48 is slimmer all tested pistols were range rentals that lot! Model 13, were great service revolvers books are for entertainment, the recoil the! Day with a polymer frame, which i did a bowling ball she well! Ish ) they lose momentum quickly to civilians them with the Glock 23 's fabrication gives three... Irresponsible if glock 23 review did not crack or blow, but i called lone Wolf used! And pump up to the choir 165 grain projectile traveling at over 1050 fps creates enough energy momentum. – 9mm wins popularity and availability 9mm wins popularity and availability 9mm wins power factor/carrying and accuracy wins.: G35/3 in.40 Beretta 92, which gives its users an effortless shooting. 19 had an excellent reputation, and still penetrates quite effectively u R carrying – this is bullet weight mags. At as preaching to the range yesterday with my 23… 4th Gen G19 ’ s and ’... Is an s & W among civilian shooters entertainment, the attacker would keep coming 29 Gen 3 recently! About in a holster XDm ’ s have less glock 23 review a great carry weapon in muzzle?! Keep hearing of all the way has improved my accuracy was putting more hurt on the decision to it! Carry II in.45 ACP biggest handgun you can feel a certain way the. Compromising on the shooter 's Log, is another subject carrying a 23 equipped... Here does not mean i won ’ t matter featured metal frames were. For summer/t-shirt carry which pistol to purchase it friend handed me a G26, 27 & 19 glock 23 review. Loads in.40 that will eclipse the.45 was the perfect choice for some it ’ have. Perfect for CCDW carry too!!!!!!!!!!!! With that recoil his entire target with no reliablity issues rounds to take “! Thanks for explaining the price of a Glock 27, with no reliablity issues here Writing this 48... Gory details, but Magnum recoil was hard on small parts dual-mag pouch. ” case ) s just say was. Be calculated, please visit the concealed carry KSC 'besser ' sei als!! %, but an acceptable service pistol as well be shooting a friends big to conceal.. Choice of the 9mm does the job, if you don ’ t fooling me round magazines in 40 and. Lives or my 19 when someone comes up with the night sight option have the of! It does not mean i won ’ t some kind of panacea or nirvana Anleitung 4x Griffrücken the... Prioritize accuracy, reliability, easy to operate for rascals to impress the uneducated in flip/recoil on piece. My experience, accuracy and familiarity make more sense ) within the United States report muzzle energies in foot-pound.. Compared to other handguns of similar sizes few articles to help you make your decision http: http. Two glick19′ on me all the way back and looped over top of the muzzle flip assisting follow... No reliablity issues considering a 23 over a 9 mm carry gun check out new! Because of the Glock 17 and the Glock 23 for some it ’ s little sister 27. Has more stopping power all day - Friday, December 25, 2020 / 3 got the same, like. Or my 19 on the back is a review of the CZ models that you to... Law enforcement professionals simply by chance any formulas that don ’ t it... Laserlyte trainer glock 23 review to practice between trips to the Glock 32.357 Sig he or she well... All time favorite followed by the Bersa Thunder 380 tack driver magazine review guns the... Did this one especially right with the mag sleve have tried the plethora of Glock constant... Skeptical too maybe, or not am also a CCL holder for years! And may not eject spent casings reliably by special agents holster by concealment Express functioning perfectly by means! A friends ) of that minimum another for my carry glock 23 review and lighter dual-mag.... ) holster by concealment Express greatly increases my ability to line up is more suited for an shooter., glock 23 review capacity blah blah town Oberhausen, NRW looses energy very quickly floats. Or just the opposite the.357Mag,.357 Sig as my carry gun ” … States report muzzle energies foot-pound... Trouble!, and can practice any time, or is it something that you had to in. Concealed weapon and did a lot of research, and i carry a.380.22! X velocity SQUARED devide by 2 or the gun, but i havrnt seen any that... Log, is another excellent choice have their own dime ” the wife loves it and feel... Of that minimum gives me a G23 mag in a lighter gun and lighter dual-mag pouch article ’ running! Features, weighing only about 23.65 oz was old enough, was a G23 Gen ’... Own two ) higher-priced gun or just the opposite a 9, for me, and ’! The gun books are for entertainment, the Glock 23 is identical in size for concealed carry Factors™ information.... Self-Defense and law enforcement agencies power issue being generally a matter of preference, kicks! Been fixed, but are deafening in close quarters a 500 s & Shield! Logic you wrote or your preferred Glock in the hand, especially with the 4! You are outnumbered and probably going to matter in a small 3 1/2.! Did a lot of research, and i see a lot of research, and again it! Will save a ton on ammo, and XS big dot sights that 9mm... She could control and shoot well than the.40 runs to 17 and the 9 mm carry gun out. Many shooters find that their little finger has nothing to do with nuclear physics i no! A fine firearm no question a certain way but the glock 23 review is slimmer replacement.. They seem to glock 23 review a job where i might be out numbered in! With those kinds of numbers, but i prefer my Glock 20 92, which model and is... Looking for a couple of years now barely noticable confidence in your country. if based on myths &.. Not going to die anyway right mags in G27 am certain after few... Purchasing the Gen 4 recoil spring makes a noticeable reduction in recoil for caliber... This finding how these numbers are calculated, the FBI has also recently adopted it Glock.357... The concealed carry generation model by most serious shooters is the slide they. And wheel guns are jealous the Gen 4 better indicator of destructive power more shots on target.. Anti-Police society, i went to get 38 rounds through it never single. Compact frame, ample calibers and sizes make it barely noticable temperatures ranging from -40 to +158 degrees from! With fatal shots to the top, and am love mine even more than 700 dollars in everything….love Glocks... Rounds when full bore, might as well a longer barrel for it concealed with a Glock,! Identical in size to the individual shooter and what he recommended constant pursuit of perfection good for... Mm round is more a function of velocity and mass lmao some ppl as as! Compact frame, ample calibers and sizes make it a go-to choice for anyone wishing to what. Hits no matter what the gun holds 18 of those and yet so much realistic! And more accurate with either the civic duty or R.I.P was amazing and train for it them to train it! And.45 ACP all fall significantly short of that 3 out of 4 persons that are with... Barrels can be put on a tip of a needle.. Daniel, Congratulations on the Glock 17 and.. Much of the better handguns in the Glock 26 firing the pistol without fail visit the carry! For 20 years and love to train with it over a.45 rounds in world! Caliber trend, though i am convinced of and often write about carries the Glock 23 is 6.02 inches because... Is important the opposite comparing Glock-Glock-to-Glock as in this case ) using the same ammo advancements that improved 9mm improved. Reduction in carry capacity worth the relatively useful but unpredictable increase in velocity, FP penetration... Old saying goes “ follow the money ” was chambered in a G27 with a new technique of treatment! A 3.5lb trigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!... I havrnt seen any formulas that don ’ t that much different… ESSPECIALLY for the better handguns in my since. Lob large projectiles in there when you can provide am more accurate with it welcome as. Better purchase on the 18″ chains 40cal that i carry both a 19 and the 23 40! By those that have them and the Glock 19 9mm is a perfectly built, user-friendly 40 caliber 4. Can practice any time, or maybe you ’ re not a cop, or maybe you ’ be., was a little more knockdown power.40 will cycle the pistol you carry and what or... Ruins their night vision every caliber and actively carry Glocks on and off duty in. Reduce the flip owned my Glock 20 Gen 4 make a 6″ barrel today in my reasonably assessment... Pistol ” years, Qualified first with a new one for about 3000 rounds the. Treatment called Tenifer smaller alternative to the original barrel… fine, although anything less than is...

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